Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Sew It Myself Challenge

I gave myself a goal for 2015 to sew myself any article of clothing I might need.  Why? Because this frustration keeps happening! To many clothes! I can't think of a single item that I would need to purchase! 
And also because I need a reason to learn to sew some perfect pants!

I did finally get most of my laundry put away then I started on my sewing room.  It wasn't in much better shape. It had become the catch-all.  I was still sewing in there even with it looking like this! Yikes!
A few hours, I mean days, and a sore back later I sewed up some new curtains and we had a wonderful transformation :)

It feels like an adult room now!  So wish me luck and I hope the fun of clothes shopping doesn't win out!

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